Arkistot kuukauden mukaan: elokuu 2014

TFIOS, a Contest! Or, how teens read and share.

A happy moment with daughter in a bookstore in the beginning of summer vacation.

– I hear quite a lot of talk about this one. Would you like to read it, too?

– Oh yes yes yes, everyone’s going on about it in PicCollage.

After the book was read and the movie seen (we both loved them!), it was time for me, a mum and a librarian, to see, how teens share their reading experiences. Soon, the daughter had a contest going on in PicCollage, her favourite social media community.

Proudly presents: The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. The PicCollage Contest and the Winners!

imageAgain, so proud to be the local library mentioned above ;-). And the winner is…


Congratulations to creative_doodle!


2nd place: a_Little_Dreamers beautiful work with a quote and a scene from the movie.


3rd place: espinosa_girl01


4th place: awkward-books

image5th place: random1209neon

Lovely work, all of them. If you want to see the other entries to the contest, go to PicCollage and search -divergentgirl-. Okay? Okay.